Team Member Spotlight – Florian Gras


Florian Gras

Meet Florian, our 26-year-old UX/UI designer. Fascinated by the creative power of mankind, he wanted to develop his creativity and work in the field of design and marketing.

With a degree in Digital Marketing and a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Digital Expertise with a major in UX/UI design, he has been freelancing for 7 years and has also been an entrepreneur in Fashion Tech for 3 years. Following these experiences, Florian wanted to join an innovative company with a project that would talk to him and where he could bring his expertise. This is when he joined Bodyo.

Since he has arrived at Bodyo, Florian has had to manage the versatility of his tasks, which requires great organization skills but also the capability to learn a lot by himself about numerous subjects or software that he had never used before.   

This experience at Bodyo has allowed him to be more self-disciplined, to better manage his time and to improve his teamwork skills.

Outside of work, loyal to his taste for creativity, Florian enjoys cooking new dishes and discovering new flavors. He also does a lot of sports (MMA, climbing, street workout), and enjoys reading high-tech news. 

His number 1 advice to a young UX/UI designer is to always be up to date on trends and news. You should never stop learning, reading studies or forgetting what you think you know about users as it is constantly changing. As a bonus, Florian’s advice would be to make sure you put your ego aside in certain situations.

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