Team Member Spotlight – Mohamed Dirhoussi


Mohamed Dirhoussi

Mohamed Dirhoussi is a 24-year-old mechatronics engineer who graduated from the National School of Applied Sciences of Kenitra in Morocco. 

He built a solid experience in robotics and advanced drive assist systems through several internships, which combined with his passion for artificial intelligence helped him to get his foot into the door at Bodyo. Thanks to his hard work, determination and steadiness, he was rapidly promoted to Hardware Manager.  

Figuring out hardware-related issues and working on many diverse tasks, all at the same time and with high efficiency, may be the most challenging part of the job. However, this unusual experience at Bodyo has helped him improve his communications and interpersonal skills. He has also sharpened his programming and time management skills. 

When Mohamed is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and listening to electronic music.  

His tips to a young Hardware Manager would be to always know the product very well in all its aspects, to be ready to learn new things, and to build good working relationshipwith people at all levels.