For Business


Boost your client’s engagement, reduce health costs and increase productivity

Bodyo is a relevant approach to 4P healthcare, which will reduce healthcare costs and simplify the patient's journey


Detect disease at an earlier stage through our AIPod


React to prevention and from disease to wellness


Each individual is unique with unique characteristics


The patient becomes a participatory actor of their own health
Telemedecine and Teleconsultation coming soon!

We mainly target public authorities or institutions, businesses (more than 250 employees for the AIpod), places of passage (shopping malls, pharmacies, fitness rooms, corporate committees engaged in CSR procedures), health insurances as well as end customers engaged or interested in our services


Artificial intelligence to effectively support the health system

Our solution will help :
  • Strengthen and simplify access to care
  • Facilitate access to care by telemedicine
  • Connect people at risk with health professionals
  • Simplify administrative procedures
  • Develop patient services to promote their autonomy 
  • Facilitate patient access to their medical information, inform scientifically and individually
  • Ease the monitoring by patients of their indicators of health
  • Enrich the Health data hub with data from all types of healthy and at-risk populations
  • Classify the population to protect them in case of an epidemic
  • Recommend and provide personalized and adapted prevention programs via health and wellness professionals


Predicting future costs or medical needs at an individual level is now possible

Our solution will help :
  • Obtain aggregated data to accurately assess your clients at risk
  • Identify individuals at risk of acute and expensive health outcomes
  • Implement regular check-ups for people at risk
  • Put in place appropriate corrective actions and personalized follow-ups

For Well being at work 

Promote individual health and foster a healthy work environment !

Our solution will help : 
  • Strengthen the image of your company or your community as an actor in the quality of work life of its employees
  • Prevent risks at work (MSD, RPS, poor diet ...)
  • Offers employees adapted programs and wellness solutions
  • Fully integrate into the overall performance of the company
  • Limit absenteeism and its costs, promote better productivity through better living in business
  • Create more adequate working conditions

Our partners

The trust of the first customers but also the active support and partnerships of many public and private institutions or references of the pharmaceutical or medical world, are an essential pillar in the development of BODYO© as well as a recognition of the innovative and unique scope of our products